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Web Automation and Its Benefits for Your Business

There are many use cases where web extraction, data mining and web crawling are used to benefit business and help it to grow, these techniques are used by small businesses as well as by big companies all around the globe.

Market Research Analysts

Collect important data about the competitors, target audience and its habits, market, data about social media etc.

Price Scraping & Monitoring

Companies and businesses scrape prices and use price monitoring tools that provides real-time price scraping so they could know what is the cost of the same products provided by different companies, retail sites, etc. This will help them choose the best possible price in the market and attract more clients.

Data Extraction for SEO

Everyone who works with online Businesses knows that SEO is very important. Data scraping can help to gather key data to boost SEO and automate many SEO hacks to have a better engagement as well as to rank at the top of search engines.

Sales intelligence

Sales intelligence refers to a broad range of technologies and tools that help salespeople monitor, find, and understand information on existing customer's and prospect's daily business. Web scraping helps to collect useful information for this purpose and make necessary changes.

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Growth Hacking: Strategy, Analysis and Creativity

Website extraction has been a growth hacking technique before the term growth hack even existed

Growth Hacking is a term for achieving objectives with innovations!

What is hacking?

A hacker is someone who can deliver the result with innovation. Someone who is more concerned about achieving an objective than following a prescribed process.

So what is growth?

Growth is a positive change in size, often over a period of time. It can be number of goals, number of visitors for a website, new customers etc.

Experience Quality

Our software is built with customization and ease-of-use at its core, whether you’re a seasoned data extractor or just starting out, you’ll be able to extract data from any website without any code.

In addition to support you’ll receive lifetime updates, including new features and bug-fixes.

Create standalone and cross platform bots

Compile stand-alone bots without limitations that work on any computer and any platform (Windows, Mac and Linux). All bots are white-label and can be managed remotely via the user interface. Created standalone bots that can also be shared or sold.

Inspect elements with a point and click interface

RTILA contains its own packed browser extension which is loaded automatically. Click on the element you want to select and the software will make guesses at what CSS selector you want.

Keep login session active and preserve cookies

Preserve and share the cookie/session between projects in an easy way. You can also install and configure all extensions available at the Chrome Web Store. All this can be done thanks to a powerful system for profiles.

Record and replay user activity and actions

Writing scripts is great, but you don't necessarily want to sit down and write a custom script all the time. The last major upgrade included an exciting new addition that will make writing automation flows more manageable.